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I played Quake competitively. Now I'm a washed up student, runner, drinker and worker.
While on our trail run.

While on our trail run.


Work today was crazy busy. got blood all over my scrubs :S saw so many pets today, so many medical notes, some pretty bad xrays of a dog who jumped out of the back of a truck and broke both front legs andddd lots of blood. im tired. time to get drunk and go back to work tomorrow lolz



So I’ve been running about 4 miles a day the past week and I also went to the foot dr. I have to have foot surgery yay! I won’t be able to put pressure on my foot at all for 10 weeks. I also have arthritis in my left foot and they have to reconstruct my foot. Sounds pretty painful. Don’t know when I’m going to get it done, they said it will have to be done within the next year or two, wat. My meds don’t help and they want me to get ‘custom insoles’ that cost about 800$. might as well get the surgery. Dunno what I’m going to do yet but I suppose I should take it easy on my foot until then…or not…I can do 4 miles easy but by mile 2 my foot is kicking my ass. Decisions decisions.

welp x2

welp ran a solid 4 miles today and my boyfriend dumped me.  FML.

in other news, had starbucks with mom and played league of legends with my homies

also got taylor swifts new cd.

im sad.



Ran 3.5 miles today - 29 minutes 8) HOLLA. Then went to class learned mad chem and ate super good food and had a drink. I have work early tomorrow, boo, but it’ll go by quick I hope since I’m a nurse tomorrow yeyeyeyey, played some league of legends and lagged out pretty retarded like and made me mad. Now it’s time to play some minecraft and sleep. 8)

i rike hot poket.

I ran 4.5 miles yesterday and 3.4 today. I ate a cupcake and also went to class. I came home and had a quesidilla and played league of legends. I’m too tired. NITE.

Daily intake of food


Shot of vodka

Peanut butter toast

accidentally swallowed 3 shots of mouthwash



Margaritas (3) - no salt on rim and pure juice (i’m watching my figure)

Mikes hard lemonade - lime margarita

Mikes hard lemonade - Cranberry Lemonade

Shot of tequila with father



chill da fux out day.

Today is my rest day but i did obliques, legs and plank. LOL OOPS I’ve only ran 15 miles this week and I probably wont get to run until Saturday! :X I also worked a half day today, hi I’m a vet assistant, get on my level. Tomorrow I work 7 to 7 aka a “clopen” shift cause I work close to open wat? So tonight since it’s my rest day I ate pasta and I’m drinking myself retarded. If anyone wants to play league of legends that’s what I’m going to be doing all night tonight. Also, I put 2 dollars in my gas tank cause I get paid tonight. CANT STOP SPILLIN CAUSE IM DRUNK AS FUCK AND MY SONG COMES ON AND THE CLUB GOES NUTS. oh shit i just spilled my drink real talks.

my LoL name: Digitalbex


this is me after my first 5k, 28 minz, etc

this is me after my first 5k, 28 minz, etc